This is me!

Dreamer | Artist | Webdeveloper | Music-lover | Gamer | Fangirl
(in that order)

After A-Levels I did an apprenticeship as a mechatronic and work in that field for quite some time now. A while ago I figured there is not enough creativity in simply assamling mechanical parts.
So at the beginning of 2017 I bought a huge book about HTML5 and CSS3 and started experimenting simply out of curiousity. By now I've got some little projects and still have a lot of fun with learning new skills and improving my HTML, CSS and PHP.

Skills? What skills?

HTML5 | CSS3 | (PHP) | German | English | Friendly & Polite

What do I use?

Pencil | Copics | Sketchbook
Atom | Filezilla | Spotify

What I do not use:

Wordpress (and other Homepagekits) - Always feels like there already is something on the canvas I want to paint on. It is not that I am not able to work with it, I just do not appreciate it.

Wanna contact me? Or just wanna know more?